Instructions and information to allow you to take full advantage of your vacation
  • Upon arrival at the Agency :
    • - Hand gel available at the entrance. 
    • - Face covering required.
    • - During your stay the Agency is only open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., in order to limit person to person contact. During the afternoon I can always be reached by telephone.
    • - Check-in cannot take place before 3:00 p.m. in order to complete the cleaning and disinfection of the apartment.
  • Checking in to the apartment :
    • - The apartment will have been cleaned and disinfected (sheets, pillowcases, mattress and pillow covers washed at 60 degrees; switches, door handles and remotes disinfected; only the dishes will not have been recleaned).
    • - The windows will be left open and the A/C turned off during the summer months. In winter the apartment will have been aired out throughout the morning and the heating turned on before your arrival.
    • - Any extra bedding will have been placed in the closets.
  • Checking out of the apartment :
    • - If you have rented sheets, then you should place them in a garbage bag so they can more easily be collected.
    • - The windows should be left open and all A/C or heating units should be turned off.
    • - You are requested to wash the mattress covers and pillow covers at 60 degrees on the morning of your departure. Spares are available in all the apartments.
    • - Any blankets used should be folded and put to one side.
    • - If you wish to use anti-virus disinfectants, Sanytol products carry the regulatory norm 14476 (effective against COVID-19).